In less than 24 hours, Azerbaijan changed the situation in the Karabakh region, the French newspaper L’Opinion stated in an article, Report informs.

The paper quotes the words of the representative of the President of Azerbaijan for special assignments, Ambassador Elchin Amirbayov: “The so-called ‘election of a new president’ in Karabakh on September 9 became a ‘red line’ for Baku.”

The detonator of the anti-terrorism measures was the death of eleven people on Monday as a result of an explosion of mines installed by the Armenian military, the article says.

Baku has long demanded that Armenia withdraw its contingent of about 10,000 troops from Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory, which Yerevan refuted, but not very convincingly. This presence was contrary to the 2020 agreements. It was these illegal military formations located in Karabakh that the anti-terrorism measures that began on Tuesday were aimed against.