The meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky proposed by the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev should be well prepared, Russian president’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Report informs citing Interfax that Peskov commented on the journalists’ question about Vladimir Putin’s consent on such talks.

“Of course, Putin personally said that he never rejects such meetings including this meeting too, but he believes the meeting for the sake of the meeting will serve little benefit, it must be well prepared. That’s why we all are concentrating on preparations for the Normandy format process now,” Peskov said.

The Kremlin spokesperson expressed gratitude to Kazakhstan’s first president and highly evaluated the efforts of the Kazakh partners in terms of establishing relationship between Russia and Ukraine.

He also reminded that Putin is a supporter of “resuscitation” of this relationship and returning them to normal. However, “that is impossible without mutuality”, Peskov continued.

According to Peskov, the Kremlin welcomes and positively assesses the interposition of forces in Zolotoy and Petrovskiy.

“We believe that this redemption of earlier assumed commitments should be continued, and it will be a very important element in preparation of the meeting in the Normandy format,” Peskov added.