Kia has been on a product offensive in several key global markets and has introduced car models that have struck the right chord among buyers. However, the launches are only part of a larger plan to relaunch the brand with an increased focus on becoming more stylish, dynamic, and inventive and will come with an all-new logo in the early parts of 2021.

Ho Sung Song, Kia’s Global CEO, calls the massive rumblings as ‘Plan S’ where the S stands for ‘Shift.’ In an interview with Automotive News, Song has outlined how Kia aims to bolster its image globally and bet big on electric vehicles. “We will try to set up our new customer target together with our brand relaunch,” he was quoted as saying, adding that the plan of having at least 11 EVs by 2025 has required careful planning and considerations.

Kia will share an Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) with Hyundai, which promises to take care of affordability concerns even as Hyundai Motor Group looks at rolling out EVs in a big way.