The Pakistan-Azerbaijan Economic Cooperation Chamber is trying to create conditions for Azerbaijani startups to enter the markets of Dubai and Pakistan, the President of the Pakistan Azerbaijan Economic Cooperation Chamber (PAKAZCHAM), Khurram Bhatti, told Report.

“We also want to bring blockchain technology experts to Azerbaijan and nurture startups in the country. We are also eager to attract investment and venture capital to Azerbaijan. Besides, we want to bring startups from Dubai and Pakistan to Azerbaijan. Negotiations are underway in this direction,” he said.

The chamber official noted that the companies visiting Azerbaijan are scheduled to meet with the Innovation Agency under the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and High Technologies: “Together with the Innovation Agency, we will identify different areas of how to strengthen startup-based knowledge in Azerbaijan.”

Bhatti revealed that the Pakistan-Azerbaijan Economic Cooperation Chamber and the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport plan to create a working group to expand cooperation in the field of information technologies between the two countries: “The Working Group is expected to start its activities in a month. The main activity of the Working Group will be the field of ICT. Of course, while covering the technology field, we will also consider the activities of other fields along with the ICT sector.”

He emphasized that the Pakistan-Azerbaijan Chamber of Economic Cooperation is working to determine the directions of cooperation in several fields to expand the economic relations between the two countries: “Pakistan implements large projects in the ICT sector. The country’s annual ICT products and services exports amount to $3 billion. Information technology is such a field that there are no difficulties related to issues such as customs, logistics, and transportation.”

The head of PAKAZCHAM said that the Azerbaijan-Pakistan Technology Forum was held in Baku to expand cooperation in the ICT sector. About 40 Pakistani companies participated in this forum.