As a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine, one of the biggest tragedies occurred – on June 6, the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) was blown up.

Thus, 7 people went missing and thousands of wild animals perished. Several residential buildings and social facilities were destroyed.

On the morning of June 8, an average flood level recorded in the Kherson region is 5.61 meters, and 600 square kilometers of its territory is under water, Head of the regional military administration Oleksandr Prokhudin said in the Telegram channel.

“The average level of flooding is 5.61 meters. There are 600 square kilometers of Kherson region under water, of which 32% are on the right bank and 68% are on the left bank,” he said.

Report’s Eastern European bureau presents photos from the city of Kherson.