Elmir Askarov emerged victorious in the inaugural race of the Khankendi-Baku ultra-marathon, a historic running event, by completing an impressive 83-kilometer journey from Khankendi to Yevlakh.

Sharing his emotions over his triumph, Elmir Askarov said: “It’s so much easier on the first day because there is no fatigue at all. So, I tried to keep myself in top shape. I wanted to win because that race was very crucial. Five years ago, I could not have imagined that I would be able to come to these lands. I had set myself the goal of reaching the finish line at any cost. My overall goal is to cover a 380km in less than 35 hours.”

The victorious runner, with over 4 years of ultramarathon experience, remarked, “I have competed in three world championships, including races of 200km and 220km. The secret of my success is dedication and hard work.”

The Khankendi-Baku ultra-marathon, jointly organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Azerbaijan Athletics Federation, is a component of both the “Sports Week” and the “Green World Solidarity Year” initiatives.

A total of 64 athletes are participating in the marathon, including 4 from Mexico, 5 from Türkiye, and one from Moldova, with the rest being Azerbaijani representatives. Participants of the ultra-marathon will traverse through various stages: Khankendi – Yevlakh (83 kilometers), Yevlakh – Ujar (84 kilometers), Ujar – Hajigabul (88 kilometers), Hajigabul – Gobustan (70 kilometers) and Gobustan – Baku (55 kilometers), reaching Baku on March 4.

Each stage’s victors will receive individual accolades, while the overall champions will be honored with the grand prize.

The running race welcomes participants aged 18 and above, promoting the slogan “Move forward with pride”.