Kenya’s state television spoke about the activities of the Baku Initiative Group (BIG) to combat neocolonialism, Report informs.

The state television of this country devoted a report to the activities of the BIG and the issues raised by the initiative group of decolonization and the fight against human rights in New Caledonia and other colonies.

The report notes that BIG called on France to “stop the policy of neo-colonialism and ensure the right of the Kanak people to determine their own destiny.” At the same time, NGO representatives continue to present the real situation on these issues to the international community.

“BIG has already held a number of international events regarding the political, economic and cultural consequences of colonialism and human rights violations in New Caledonia and other French colonies. During the discussions, the issue of unfair distribution of natural resources was raised,” says a report from Kenyan state television.

Earlier, Nairobi hosted a round table in a hybrid format on “Decolonization, international diplomacy and the role of communication in the modern world” under the BIG support.

The French government’s recent violation of fundamental human rights in New Caledonia is further evidence of the Paris government’s lack of political will to implement the UN General Assembly resolutions regarding decolonization, said Executive Director of the Baku Initiative Group Abbas Abbasov.

Abbasov emphasized the fundamental right to self-determination and reiterated the Baku Initiative Group’s support for those striving for a brighter and dignified future for their people.

“The Baku Initiative Group will continue to support the Kanak people’s struggle for independence. We express our full solidarity with the Kanak people and support their fair struggle against the expansion of voter ranks. We also demand the repeal of the amendments proposed by the French authorities. We call on France to stop its neo-colonial policy and ensure Kanak people’s right to self-determination,” Abbasov stressed.

The conference’s purpose was to raise global awareness about widespread human rights violations in New Caledonia and other French colonies, and to discuss joint cooperation in the field of communication with respect to fight against neo-colonialism – the new phase of colonialism still ongoing in Africa.

The event highlighted the violence by French security forces against peaceful protests by indigenous Kanak people in New Caledonia, which has resulted in significant civilian casualties, with more than 10 civilians killed and hundreds injured and arrested.

The BIG was created on July 6, 2023 in Baku by participants in the conference “Towards Complete Elimination of Colonialism” within the ministerial meeting of the Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement chaired by the Republic of Azerbaijan.

BIG supports the struggle for freedom of peoples located in various regions of the world still suffering from colonization in the 21st century.