In a major victory against drug trafficking, Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has liquidated a network of narcotics laboratories that were producing synthetic drugs across four regions of the country.

The operation began in May when police in Ust-Kamenogorsk arrested a local resident who had set up a synthetic drug production facility under the guise of a furniture business. The suspect had rented a warehouse and brought in equipment and chemicals. During the arrest, authorities seized nearly 1.5 kg of ready-made drugs, 1.5 tons of precursors, as well as laboratory and packaging equipment.

Further investigation revealed the suspect’s connections to similar labs in Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, and the Almaty region.

In the city of Rudny, two more individuals were apprehended who had set up a drug lab in the bathroom of a rented apartment. Over 300 grams of finished narcotics, chemicals, protective suits, and equipment were confiscated.

The Almaty region saw the arrest of two additional suspects involved in the production of mephedrone. Drugs in the final stages of preparation, along with precursors and equipment, were seized.

Cooperating with the investigation, the detained suspects disclosed information about ten large drug caches, with a total weight of over 3 kg.