Members of the Mazhilis of Kazakhstan (lower chamber of the parliament) approved the ratification of an agreement with China on cooperation in the field of aviation search and rescue of civil aircraft. The document has been submitted to the Senate for consideration, Report informs via Kazakhstani media.

Vice Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan Almaz Idyrysov, at the chamber’s plenary session, recalled that Kazakhstan had ratified the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) by the decision of the Supreme Council of July 2, 1992.

“The agreement is aimed at cooperation between states to search and rescue passengers and crews of aircraft in distress per the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO,” he said.

The presented agreement is planned to strengthen: mutual cooperation for the search and rescue of passengers and crews; mutual notification of aviation accidents and taking the necessary measures to search for and rescue passengers of aircraft in distress.

It is also planned to conduct joint exercises of both sides’ search and rescue services, and exchange information and experience.

In addition, the agreement provides for the obligation of the parties to notify each other about an aviation accident and to request assistance from the other side.

On-duty search and rescue forces and facilities in Kazakhstan will be located at the Kazaeronavigatsia base, helicopter equipment will also be on duty at 27 airfields and landing sites with a radius of overlap of the entire area of responsibility of the country. If necessary, helicopters of the Ministry of Defense can be involved in search and rescue operations.

On the basis of Kazaeronavigatsia, a Search and Rescue Coordination Center was created with trained personnel according to international standards, means of communication and round-the-clock operation.

The plans for organizing search and rescue operations include special parachute groups of the Ministry of Defense and ground search and rescue teams of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.