Kazakh bodybuilder and self-proclaimed ‘sexy maniac’ Yuri Tolochko has finally tied the knot with sex-doll bride ‘Margo’ in a silicone ceremony after months of Covid-related hindrances.

Tolochko, who proudly identifies as a ‘pervert’, announced he planned to take his rubber romance to the next step in May 2019 and wed Margo, whom he treats like a real-life woman.

Their plans hit a snag due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop Tolochko, who also goes by the alter ego name ‘Odd Jack’, from wedding his plastic partner.

He finally got his wish of walking her down the aisle, quite literally, and shared a video putting a ring on Margo’s finger in front of an array of joyous guests.

The two shared a kiss in the small ceremony and even a first danceto the music Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ and confusingly titled “It happened… to be continued” even the the video finishes with a slide spelling out ‘The End’.