The Netherlands has already begun supplying Ukraine with drones for its defense against Russia, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said, Report informs referring to Kyiv Independent.

The Netherlands announced on February 14 that it would take part in a coalition led by Latvia to provide Ukraine with advanced military drone technology.

“I can’t tell you the exact number, but we are already sending drones to Ukraine,” Ollongren told the Baltic news outlet Delfi in an interview.

“Of course, I think this drone coalition is very important, because now we will join forces, which means we will be able to increase the number of drones and also to specify them according to Ukraine’s needs.”

Latvia is building a coalition of about 20 countries who will work together to strengthen Kyiv’s arsenal of drones. There are currently eight members, including the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Ollongren said it made sense for the Netherlands to join this coalition, given its participation in other groups aimed at supplying Kyiv with advanced weapons systems.

The Netherlands took the lead along with Denmark in establishing a coalition focused on F-16 fighter jets for Ukraine. As of February 2024, the Netherlands has pledged to send 24 F-16s to Ukraine.