Minister of Cyber Security of Japan Yoshitaka Sakurada in the lower house of parliament admitted that he did not know how to use a personal computer, Report informs citing TASS. In response to questions from opposition deputies, the minister claimed that from early youth he had worked hard, was very busy and had no opportunity to master computer literacy.

“Well, and then I climbed the corporate ladder and began to give instructions to my employees and secretaries. I don’t need to bang on the keyboard myself now,” Sakurada said.

This recognition caused surprise and indignation of many parliamentarians.

“It is impossible to believe that such a thing as cyber security is entrusted to this person,” opposition activist Masato Imai said.

Sakurada at the same time argued that the rich political experience will allow him to deal with the tasks without any problems.

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However, when asked about the organization of the protection of nuclear power plants from cybernetic terrorism, he was forced to admit that he did not have “the details of this topic.”

In turn, the opposition demanded the resignation of the minister.