Japan introduced a ban on the export of five more categories of goods from the machine tools section to Russia after analyzing the weapons used in Ukraine. Now it includes 50 points, according to a statement from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Report informs via foreign media that the list of such goods was based on the results of measures agreed by the G7 countries in March last year, on October 20, 2023, and additions were made to it on Thursday.

“We will publish a list of goods with the cooperation of leading countries, including our country, based on the results of the analysis and identification of parts used in Russian weapons that were used in Ukraine. These goods include electronic parts for integrated circuits and transistors, walkie-talkies and cameras, as well as equipment and machines for their development and production, and are subject to measures to ban exports to Russia,” the statement said.

So far, the list has included five large product sections such as integrated circuit parts; equipment for communication systems; diodes, transistors and digital cameras; optical equipment; parts for semiconductor design and manufacturing.