Japan’s Defense Ministry has announced that the Air Self-Defense Force will conduct a series of joint drills with Germany, France and Spain in Japan in July, Report informs referring to NHK-World.

The ministry says this is a part of the “Pacific Skies” exercises currently underway between the air forces of the three European countries for about two months from mid-June in areas including Hawaii and Australia.

It says more than 30 aircraft, consisting of fighters, transport planes and refueling tankers from the three European countries, will be deployed in Japan from July 19 to 25.

This is the first time air force planes from the three countries will be deployed to Japan at the same time.

They are expected to conduct exercises with Japan’s ASDF fighters in the skies above Hokkaido and near the Kanto region.

The ASDF will be conducting drills in Japan for the first time with Spain’s air force and for the second time with the German and French air forces.

Defense Minister Kihara Minoru said their arrival in Japan is to demonstrate their will and capability in the Indo-Pacific region. He said they will deepen cooperation to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific.