The ambitious proposal would reportedly require compromises, which Ukraine has refused to make FILE PHOTO Luigi Di Maio speaks at a meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, April 3, 2022 © AFP / Karen Minasyan

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio has presented a peace plan for Ukraine to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, La Repubblica reported. The plan, which would see Ukraine and Russia declare a ceasefire and resolve their territorial disputes under the supervision of international monitors, faces several stumbling blocks, including Kiev’s insistence on continuing the war.

Di Maio presented his plan to Guterres in New York on Wednesday, while its contents have also been shown to the leaders of the G7 and the Quint group (the US, UK, France, Germany and Italy), the Italian newspaper reported.

According to the report, the plan’s four stages would be completed in order, with each step testing the trust of the parties involved before the next one could be reached.

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First would come a ceasefire and the demilitarization of the front line in Eastern Ukraine. From there, multilateral negotiations would ensue on Ukraine’s future international status – whether or not the country would join the EU and what form its neutrality would take. Thirdly, Ukraine and Russia would negotiate an agreement on the status of Crimea and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Kiev insists that these territories are all Ukrainian, while Crimea voted to join Russia in 2014, and Russia recognizes the independence of the two Donbass republics.

Finally, the plan calls for a multilateral agreement on peace and security in Europe, focusing on disarmament and arms control, as well as the withdrawal of Russian forces from the territory currently claimed by Ukraine.

Overseeing this effort would be an ‘International Facilitation Group,’ including EU countries and the UN. La Repubblica did not name all of the countries that would be involved, but speculated that a shortlist could include France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, the United States, China, Canada, the UK, Poland, and Israel. (RT)