Azerbaijani traditions are based on multiculturalism and mutual respect, newly appointed Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan George Deek said at a press conference.

“Azerbaijan is a country where representatives of all religions can live peacefully. I am happy and proud to represent Israel in Azerbaijan. I learned that the traditions of this country are based on multiculturalism and mutual respect. During our conversation, the President of Azerbaijan assured me that the Jewish community of Azerbaijan, like everyone else, live in peace here. It reminded me of Israel. I also want to say that I am the first Arab Christian from Israel appointed an ambassador to Azerbaijan. Amid hatred and aggression in the region, Azerbaijan and Israel can ensure stability and security,” he said.

The ambassador also recalled that on December 25, 2019, he handed his credentials to the President of Azerbaijan. The diplomat stressed that the strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Israel is a consensus.

“As you know, in March, we will have parliamentary elections. I can assure you that no matter who wins, relations between our countries will continue to flourish. The participation of Ogtay Asadov at the international forum of the Holocaust is a vivid example of the fact that Azerbaijan is one of the only true friends of Israel and its people,” Deek said.