An Israeli mission will travel to Azerbaijan Tuesday to “share agriculture knowledge” Israel has accumulated, Report informs, citing Israel Hayom.

The Israeli mission will provide knowledge on growing wheat, irrigation, and dairy. In the long term, the Agriculture Ministry hopes for economic cooperation between the two countries.

Three weeks ago, Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited the Muslim country to secure contracts ensuring the supply of viral raw materials, such as wheat, oil, and urea, to Israel, which had been disrupted over the Russia-Ukraine war.

In an effort to make Azerbaijan not only wheat-independent but also to be able to export, Israel will provide the country with technology for growing wheat so that in two-three years, it could import it into Israel. Although Israel grows wheat in small quantities, it has a vast knowledge of procedures, especially in challenging climate conditions.

“Some members of the mission will participate in the presentation, while others in a business forum, so that the visit is effective: not only to present the technology but to also create interaction between needs and solutions,” Head of the Centre for Foreign Trade and International Cooperation at the Agricultural Ministry Yakov Poleg said.

Our solutions cover “several areas: livestock (more efficient production of milk, sea production solutions), irrigation solutions and a variety of technologies and solutions that Israel has developed, of agriculture in the desert and other challenging climate conditions,” Poleg said.