Very good friendly relations have developed between Azerbaijan and Ukraine, Mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn said in an interview with Report.

“We see great support from Azerbaijan. Very good friendly relations have developed between the countries. But I want to especially note the city of Irpin, because at the forum in London, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov clearly stated that the country will take part in rebuilding Ukraine and will start doing it specifically from our city,” he noted.

Markushyn emphasized that Irpin maintains very long-standing relations with Azerbaijan: “We have very active Azerbaijani diaspora in Irpin, who often join city events. We are preparing to hold a day of Azerbaijani culture in our city next April. We have very friendly and warm relations with the ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ukraine, and we hold many events together. Almost all official delegations that come to Ukraine visit Irpin.”

The mayor of the Ukrainian city noted that 70% of Irpin’s infrastructure was damaged and destroyed:

“SOCAR and the Azerbaijani Embassy took on the major renovation of the school. They completed it in three and a half months, and Ukrainian children went to school in September.”

Markushyn reminded that during the blackout, SOCAR donated a large diesel generator for the school, and later carried out work on its insulation. Also, SOCAR, under the leadership of the government, confirmed the renovation of a large clinic, for which money has already been allocated, he said.

Noting that Azerbaijan and Ukraine have a lot in common, he added: “Just as Azerbaijan fought and reconquered its lands, so Ukraine is now waging a war for its territories. Ukraine didn’t attack any country. We are fighting for our territories, for our president, and this has already been confirmed by the entire civilized world. The same thing happened with Azerbaijan.”