Iran is preparing to launch a pilot project to accept Russian Mir payment cards, the trade attache of the Iranian Embassy in Russia Rahimi Mohsen said, Report informs via the Izvestia newspaper.

The first agreements to establish the operation of Mir cards in Iran were reported in 2022. Currently on the agenda is the launch of a pilot project to accept Russian payment cards.

According to the trade attache, the implementation of the new system takes time; work is now underway on technical details to ensure a smooth payment process via Mir.

The diplomat emphasized that Tehran maintains an effective trade partnership with Moscow.

Experts consider the launch of Mir cards in Iran a strategic decision, given the refusal of many other states to work with Russia’s domestic payment system.

The launch of the Russian payment system in Iran is expected to facilitate cross-border payments and establish business connections between companies.

According to experts, the launch of the Mir card service may take from three to six months.