In January-September this year, Azerbaijan invested AZN 9,560,200,000 in fixed capital (8.7% less than 2020), Report mentions, referring to the State Statistics Committee.

Over the past year, investments in the oil and gas sector decreased by 9.7% and in the non-oil and gas sector by 8%.

AZN 6,407,200,000 or 67% of the 9-month investment was made in the production, AZN 2,425,800,000 or 25.4% in services, AZN 727,200,000 or 7.6% in the construction of houses.

AZN 6,303,600,000 (65.9%) of the funds directed to fixed capital were domestic funds, AZN 6,388,800,000 (66.8%) were spent on construction and installation work.