The Finnish Central Criminal Police and Helsinki police have begun an investigation into a large-scale data leak resulting from a cyberattack on the capital’s network, law enforcement officials said, Report informs via Political Lore.

“The investigation into the hacking of information systems of the city of Helsinki with aggravating circumstances, which occurred on April 30, is being conducted in cooperation with the Central Criminal Police and the Helsinki Police Department. The City Administration of Helsinki has filed a police report regarding the hacking of data in the information network of the Department of Education and Training of the City of Helsinki,” a press release on the police website said.

City authorities initially reported that as a result of the hack, attackers could obtain information about 80 thousand people, including students, guardians and employees of the city’s educational sector. According to updated data from the authorities, 120 thousand people could have become victims of the hack.

The director of digitalization of Helsinki, Hannu Heikkinen, did not rule out that suspicious activity could allegedly come from Russia, but did not provide evidence for his words.