A group of international travelers from the UK, which included representatives of 11 countries, has visited the Juma mosque in Azerbaijan’s Aghdam city, and then visited the Aghdam cemetery, Report informs.

Aghdam is the last destination of this group’s three-day visit to Karabakh and East Zangazur.

The travelers also got acquainted with the ruins of the Aghdam Drama Theatre.

During the visit, tourists were provided with information about destroyed religious and cultural monuments, acts of vandalism by the Armenian forces, atrocities in cemeteries where graves were dug up in search of valuables, golden teeth of those buried.

It was also told about the plans of the Azerbaijani government to restore the Aghdam district, a presentation was made of how Azerbaijan wants to see this district.

“Such an accelerated pace of work is the result of people’s enthusiasm. Everyone wants to be part of the Great Return. People work here 24 hours a day, no one forces them to work so much, but they themselves want to contribute to the recovery process,” Araz Imanov, adviser special representative office of the president in the Karabakh economic region (with the exception of the Shusha district), said.