A new mutation of the corovirus, AY.4.2, has started to spread in various countries, including Russia. It is even more contagious than the Delta strain, with one person being able to infect about nine people.

Infectious diseases specialist Mardan Aliyev told Report that a number of restrictions are currently imposed in Russia due to the increasing number of infection cases.

“This is what was expected. Because it is autumn. It was previously predicted that the incidence would increase in the autumn and winter months. We already see growth.”

“In total, there are 24 variants of the coronavirus. Some of them are more troubling than others. The WHO also noted that the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta strains have a different course. The others don’t show any serious or additional changes. The fastest spreading one is the Delta strain. It is also dominant in the world today. Mu and other strains are prevalent in some countries. But all of them are coronavirus. Because the common gene for the coronavirus is large, changes often occur, and new variants emerge. The one discovered in Russia is also a new variant and does not differ significantly from other coronavirus strains. Both the ability to infect and the course of the disease and protection methods are almost the same. There is no need to be afraid of new strains. Because these are not new viruses. Their treatment and protection methods are the same as for other strains,” Aliyev noted.

The infectious disease specialist said that people should still keep their distance and use masks indoors.