“Azerbaijan has recorded no cases of coronavirus infection,” country’s infectious disease expert Jalal Isayev told Report.

He said this virus is widely spread in the world, and it is responsible for nearly 4-9% of acute respiratory diseases in all countries.

“The death rate from the new virus that spread widely in China reaches 35%,” the expert said.

He noted that the virus transfers in two ways, through food and by air.

According to Isayev, the risk of the coronavirus spread in Azerbaijan is high, as many people from our country travel to China.

“We advise our citizens, during their travels to China, not to visit the areas of coronavirus outbreak, not to contact people with symptoms of flu, since this virus transfers only in close contact. If you do not have close contact, and if you wear a medical mask, the transfer of infection is much lower.”

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As many as 291 are infected with the new type of coronavirus in China. The World Health Organization has warned of a possible outbreak of a new coronavirus outside China.