While New Jersey Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, are facing a hefty federal indictment that details a years-long bribery scheme involving a $60,000 Mercedes-Benz, gold bars, and loads of cash, new updates put the embattled American politician in the crosshairs of the American Justice System.

Federal prosecutors allege that Menendez, the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, used his position to take actions that benefited foreign governments in exchange for bribes paid by associates in New Jersey.

An indictment contends that Menendez and his wife took gold bars and cash from a real estate developer and that the senator used his clout to get that businessman a multimillion-dollar deal with a Qatari investment fund.

Moreover, Menendez is also accused of helping another New Jersey business associate get a lucrative deal with the government of Egypt. Prosecutors allege that in exchange for bribes, Menendez did things that benefited Egypt, including ghostwriting a letter to fellow senators encouraging them to lift a hold on $300 million in aid.

On Friday, Jose Uribe, believed to be one of the participants of the corruption schemes involving Menendez, entered the plea in Manhattan federal court to seven charges, including conspiracy to commit bribery from 2018 to 2023, honest services wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax evasion.

According to the Associated Press, as he described his crimes in court, Uribe told Judge Sidney H. Stein that he conspired with several people, including Nadine Menendez, to provide her with a Mercedes-Benz in return for her husband “using his power and influence as a United States senator to get a favorable outcome and to stop all investigations related to one of my associates.”