The city of Palangka Raya located in the province of Central Kalimantan, has become the main place where capital of Indonesia can be moved form Jakarta, Report informs citing TASS.

According to local experts, the city is relatively young, it was founded in the middle of the last century. Then the first President of the Republic, the national hero of the country Sukarno, thought about moving the capital there.

According to them, a recent analysis commissioned by the government showed that the city fully meets the standards for the state center. Along with it, the island of Kalimantan is located in a seismologically safe area, which is especially important for the world’s largest Indonesian archipelago consisting of 18 thousand Islands, as it is located in the so-called Pacific ring of Fire, so tectonic cataclysms occur here on average 5-6 times a day.

However, the island is exposed to devastating floods, as well as heavy smoke from forest fires.

Experts call Palanga Raya one of the most well planned and beautiful cities of Indonesia. Today the population of the city makes several thousand people.