Over the past day, India vaccinated 347,058 citizens against coronavirus infection. It is a record number for the national vaccination campaign, which began on January 16.

Report informs citing the Indian Health and Family Welfare Ministry.

In total, 1,390,592 people were vaccinated in the country during the first week of vaccination.

The previous daily record was reported on January 21, when 237,050 people received the vaccine. The average daily number of people vaccinated in the first seven days of the campaign was 198,656.

The ministry notes that more and more people come to vaccination centers. However, in the early days, fewer people were vaccinated than expected. For example, on the first day of the campaign, it was expected that 300,000 people would receive the jab, but only 207,229 came.

India plans to vaccinate about 300 million people by July 2021. Vaccinations are voluntary.