Over the past day, India recorded 94,052 cases of coronavirus infection, which brought the country’s total case count to 29,183,121, Report informs with reference to the Indian Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, 6,148 Indians died due to COVID-related health issues. Thus, the coronavirus death toll reached 359,676 in the Asian nation.

The latest increase in the death toll is the highest for India since the pandemic onset. The previous record daily mortality was seen on May 19, when 4,529 Indians succumbed to the virus.

The spike in the deaths is attributed to the Bihar state government revising the COVID death toll. If on Wednesday the state reported 5,478 deaths in total, then the check showed that more than 3,000 deaths were not taken into account, and on Thursday, it was reported that, in fact, this number was over 9,000. The investigation came after the Patna High Court (the highest court in Bihar state) demanded a reconsideration amid public and media allegations that the regional government was hiding the actual number of infections and deaths in the state. As a result, on Thursday, local authorities reported daily mortality of 3,971.

According to the ministry, 151,367 patients have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of the recovered to 27,655,493. Meanwhile, the country has 1,167,952 active cases, which is 63,463 cases fewer than a day earlier.