China is using Pakistan as a tool to contain India, so the redeployment of an aircraft carrier, warships and nuclear-powered submarines to North Arabian Sea is a clear signal to Beijing, rather than Islamabad, analysts told RT.

Despite the heated tensions around the Kashmir region, “India does not base its defense preparedness on what Pakistan does or does not do,” Gopalapuram Parthasarathy, former Indian envoy to Pakistan, said. The country is much more concerned about “what China does to contain Indian influence in the Indian Ocean,” he told RT.

Pakistan is an instrument used by China to contain India through supplies of weapons, missiles and even nuclear weapon designs.

“Pakistan, by itself, does not worry us. We can more than match and manage Pakistan,” he reiterated.

Indian military journalist, Shiv Aroor, also said that the naval forces of the two neighbors “aren’t near peers in terms of numbers, strength or capability — Pakistan, for instance, doesn’t operate nuclear submarines or aircraft carriers.”