There is no term of working online in Azerbaijan’s labor legislation, Tahir Mirkishili, chairman of the Milli Majlis (Parliament) Committee for Economic Policy, Industries and Enterprising, said at the plenary meeting held today, Report informs.

“Since this is not the case, if someone receives income from it, he/she is not considered an employee and the income is included in the income earned by an individual. I am not against Azerbaijanis working abroad and earning income online. Rather, it should be encouraged,” the MP said.

According to him, only according to Azerbaijani legislation, the amounts coming to their bank accounts can be subject to income tax and capital gains tax: “However, in most European countries, these incomes are tax-free. It tells the citizens that if you live here, if you sell your labor abroad and bring the income to the country, you are exempt from taxes for 10 years. I think we should also motivate our citizens in these matters.”