Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has notified the head of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of his intention to file a Rs 15 billion ($5.8 million) lawsuit against him for defamation and reputational damage in connection with an illegal arrest on corruption and money laundering charges, Report informs.

“I have decided to file a Rs 15 Billion Defamation Suit, against Chairman, NAB. I have served Legal Notice upon him.

My Arrest Warrant was issued on a public holiday and was kept in secrecy for eight days. I was not informed about conversion of Al-Qadir Trust Case Inquiry into Investigation. Conditions stipulated in Sec 24 of NAB Ordinance were disregarded. Supreme Court held that manner and execution of my Arrest Warrant was unlawful and unconstitutional. To execute Arrest Warrant, Pakistan Rangers was used which subjected me to brute force.

Ulterior motive was to defame me by arresting me from premises of Islamabad High Court. And show the world that I was arrested on corruption charges.