The battle for the Donbas is raging as Russian troops bear down on the East and South. If Putin wins, he will set his sights on greater swathes of Ukraine and won’t relent until the whole country is under his control, UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss told Daily Express.

“We have proved Russia wrong so far and will do so again. It is now clear that Putin cannot and will not break or subjugate Ukraine. But we must go further – the strategic and moral imperative for us all is that Ukraine wins.

“I am urging our allies to do more to ensure Ukraine gets what it needs, from heavy weapons such as tanks and airplanes to ammunition and other supplies. The best long-term security for Ukraine will come from it being able to defend itself against any future aggression.

“That is why the UK is working with Poland through our joint commission to equip Ukraine with NATO-standard weapons. We must also continue to starve Putin’s war machine of funding by sanctioning more of those bankrolling his aggression, from oligarchs and banks to energy, gold and service industries,” she added.