Only drivers with Hungarian license plates are entitled to government-capped prices, while foreigners have to pay more File photo © AFP / Douglas Magno/AFP

Drivers with foreign license plates can no longer buy gas in Hungary at government-capped prices – the lowest in the EU, Budapest announced on Thursday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff said the measure is aimed at stopping “petrol tourists” abusing Hungary’s fuel supplies.

Gergely Gulyas told journalists, during a regular press briefing, that “foreign buyers are exploiting the fact that Hungary is able to maintain petrol prices at 480 forints (€1.22) per liter, while they are at 700-900 forints elsewhere in Europe.”

According to the official, “abuse” of the low gas prices by fuel tourists has become a real issue of late, threatening his country’s own supply.

The decision means that motorists with foreign license plates are now charged higher market prices at Hungarian gas stations. (RT)