A decree approved the dates for starting classes in schools and preschool groups of the Cabinet of Ministers. Report informs that beginning from September 15, education in primary grades will be conducted in full-time, and V-XI classes online.

Students in V-IX grades will attend classes from October 1, and students in X-XI grades – from October 15. Classes in preschool groups will resume from October 1. The Ministry of Education has proposed to conduct classes in primary grades 2-3 times a week, but the final decision has not yet been made on this issue. By September 8, the Ministry of Education must prepare and submit the rules for organizing the educational process to the Cabinet of Ministers. Today, parents are concerned about the format of courses.

Expert in education Gumeir Akhmedov said that, currently, the ministry is developing appropriate mechanisms: “The parents of some primary school students are in the district, and the issue of their arrival in the capital will be reflected in the tools developed. Sick children will not be allowed to take classes. Primary school classes would be held in the usual format. “