The delivery of the German Leopard-2 and US Abrams tanks, which Ukraine has recently been waiting for, are on the world’s agenda. Although Ukraine says these tanks will lead to decisive changes in the course of the war, Western countries are delaying their delivery.

What advantages do these tanks have?

Ukrainian military expert Maksim Yali told Report that first of all, it is necessary to understand the differences between Leopard and Abrams tanks: “They have different specifications. The most significant advantage of the Leopard tank is its large number in NATO troops which is over 2500. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, stated that 300 tanks are needed to reach the border of February 23 last year. So, if only 10% of these tanks are sent to Ukraine, this will be about 80% of the tanks that Zalujny wants. There are various difficulties with the shipment of Abrams tanks. This tank has various effective features. This includes tank armor, technical indicators, optics, and more.”

The expert also said that there are negative points about these tanks:

“This is primarily related to aviation fuel use for Abrams tanks. By the way, earlier Pentagon officials cited this factor as the reason for not sending these tanks. Therefore, at the moment, we can say that these tanks will not be sent to Ukraine before autumn. Meanwhile, Ukraine currently has a shortage of 155mm ammunition. Most of this Soviet-made ammunition was used. But 120-millimeter shells are used for the mentioned tanks, and the number of these ammunitions is quite large. Military experts believe that Ukraine can use tanks as artillery. In this way, Ukraine can eliminate the imbalance with Russia. Thus, the tanks will allow to create fire support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and counter-attack after repelling the Russian attack. These are the main and important issues related to tanks. It is impossible to carry out offensive operations without tanks. The supply of various tanks, including the Abrams, primarily Leopards, will assist in fulfilling operational and strategic tasks.”

Military expert Maxim Marchuk told Report that the delivery of Abrams and Leopard tanks to Ukraine will dramatically change the course of the war in Ukraine’s favor: “We will have many advantages over Russia. Why? Because it is enough to state that during the Iran war, 1 Abrams was equal to 5 Russian tanks. For Abrams, we get 120 shells at a time. Leopard has 80 modifications. Our military is already undergoing appropriate training and will soon have these tanks. I can also say that February will be crucial.”