Individual checks were conducted at Russian and Turkish airports over the new coronavirus, which ruffled the feathers of the world community for several days.

Three people have undergone medical examination in Russia for suspected coronavirus. Some time ago, the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan also appealed to citizens in connection with this virus.

The chief infectious disease specialist of Azerbaijan, Jalal Isayev, told Report about the symptoms and ways to secure oneself from the deadly coronavirus.

“The virus usually affects the lungs, causing the pulmonary failure, leading to death. If the virus enters the oral cavity, gastrointestinal disorders may occur. “

Isayev advised staying away from patients to protect oneself from the virus. “You should wear a mask, avoid any close contact with people with acute respiratory diseases, wash your hands regularly, wear disposable masks when coughing and sneezing. Besides, be sure to wash fruits before eating then.”

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The number of people infected with the coronavirus, which emerged in China’s Wuhan, has exceeded 830 people. Coronavirus has already claimed 26 lives in the city.