These days one only needs to be against Donald Trump to win liberal hearts, it seems. Just ask Liz Cheney, who can be both a “hero” to the liberals while also favoring waterboarding, according to her recent ‘60 Minutes’ interview.

CBS News’ Lesley Stahl caught up with the Wyoming representative to discuss her status as a Republican maverick earned after picking a public fight with former President Donald Trump.

Cheney’s move cost her standing in the Republican party and may even cause her to lose her House seat. Trump has endorsed her opponent in next year’s primary election in apparent retaliation – and whether the US establishment likes it or not, Trump’s word has much sway with the Republican base.

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The intraparty fight, along with a more personal moment, in which Cheney admitted she was “wrong” to oppose same-sex marriage even as her father Dick Cheney supported it in 2013, attracted the bulk of political attention on Twitter.

What gained less traction among accounts of verified Twitter users was the part when Stahl noted that it was “kinda funny” that many liberals saw Cheney as a “hero to the liberals,” despite her overwhelmingly conservative convictions.

In the quick exchange that followed, the lawmaker confirmed that she remained anti-abortion (or rather “pro-life” as she framed it), pro-guns, against Obamacare, and pro-waterboarding, which she insisted is “not torture,” contrary to Stahl’s description.

Torture of terror suspects, termed “enchanced interrogation techniques”, was one of the hallmarks of the Bush era, with Vice President Cheney being one of the architects. President Barack Obama later admitted that the US “tortured some folks”, but refused to hold anyone accountable for it.

It’s hardly surprising for a lifetime conservative like Cheney to condone brutality in the name of national security. In the interview, she said she liked most of Trump’s policies, could stomach his “bad character” and went against him only after his refusal to concede the election to Joe Biden and the January 6 riot at Capitol Hill.

Cheney’s current elevation to hero status by the US Left is “demented” and can only be explaned by the fixation on Trump, journalist Glenn Greenwald remarked. (RT)