The current weather conditions in Azerbaijan have been announced.

Report informs citing the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources that as of December 9, 10:00 the weather in the country was unstable, it was raining, intensified in some places, and snowfall was observed in the mountainous areas.

The amount of precipitation was 20 mm in Zabrat (68% of the monthly norm), 16 mm (60% of the monthly norm) in Sumgayit, 14 mm (41% of the monthly norm) in Mashtaga, 13 mm (44% of the monthly norm) in Baku, 11 mm (38% of the monthly norm) in Bina, 14 mm in Oil Rocks (66% of the monthly norm), 3 mm in Chilov Island, 2 mm in Pirallahi, 3-12 mm in Nakhchivan AR, 2-6 mm in Lankaran-Astara zone, 1-8 mm in Central Aran and Balakan-Sheki region.

The height of snow cover was 9 cm in Aghdara, 6 in Dashkasan, 4 in Gyryz, 2 in Gadabay, Shahdag, 1 in Saribash, Goygol.