Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional Civil-Military Administration, revealed the losses and damage caused by Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s Kharkiv region.

In an interview with Report he said that the most serious situation is in the direction of the Vovchansk district on the border with Russia:

“Now the most important thing is to stop the advance of the enemy, and our army has already done this. The front line is now stabilized and our army will do everything possible to drive the enemy back to the borders. As for Vovchansk, part of the city is under enemy control. Street fights are going on there right now.”

According to him, more than 35 settlements in the region, including the city of Kharkiv, are under fire every day: “Shortly before our conversation, the civilian infrastructure and private houses were hit with guided bombs 3 times. Unfortunately, there were victims, two of whom were children. We live in such conditions.”

He said that the main task is to restore the energy system: “I should note that we are constantly struggling with the consequences of missile attacks on the energy system. Our main task is to eliminate the consequences of the destruction, to be ready for the next winter season.”

The head of the region also revealed the losses in Kharkiv region. The main losses occurred mainly in the last few months: “The enemy has already killed more than 2000 civilians in our province, 80 of them were children, and the youngest was only 5 months old.