“France is trying to isolate us from the international world. We rely on the global power of Azerbaijan and ask for its help,” Patrice Tacita, special representative for international cooperation of the Guadeloupe National Alliance organization, told Report.

Tacita stated that the people of Guadeloupe have been under French yoke for four centuries, and those who support independence in the country are under pressure from France:

“Our organization is an anti-colonial political organization of Guadeloupe, and it is fighting for the island’s independence. The situation in Guadeloupe is very difficult because many people think that it is a French territory. But our nation has been suffering since the beginning of colonialism. Our land bears all the characteristics of colonized territories.

There is no industry in the country, even if something is produced, it goes to the country that colonizes us, which is France. There is no development in our country. We have expectations from the international community, we want to convey our problems and struggles to the world. France is trying to isolate us from the international world.”

Tacita noted that the people are trying to use all opportunities to become a fully sovereign country:

“France reached its current power thanks to our lands. We have vast resources, and therefore France does not want to leave our territory. We rely on the global power of Azerbaijan and ask for help. The world knows you and through you we want the whole world to be aware of our problem. We are trying to be independent like other countries, to be included in the list of other sovereign countries. This is very important for us.”