Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia Mher Grigoryan considers it likely that within 2-3 months the draft methodology will be approved that will be used by the commissions for delimiting the borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Report informs referring to Armenian media.

Grigoryan made the remark during the government hour in the People’s Assembly.

“At the first stage, we discussed and approved a working procedure in which we described the method of summing up and organizing the results of our contacts, and agreed on it with the governments of the two countries,” he noted.

He said that at this stage the regulations for joint activities are being discussed, which will contain much more methodological description, and upon completion of this work, both parties will introduce the draft of this document into internal circulation.

“Depending on the content and what kind of consensus we reach, the document will be distributed in accordance with this, most likely in the form of a draft law,” Grigoryan said.

According to the deputy prime minister, if the parties remain within the framework of principled positions and their work around the project is based on the Almaty Declaration, then within 2-3 months they will be able to prepare a draft regulation that will reflect the methodology of work.