The process we call the Great Return has begun, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said during the meeting with the Aghali village residents.

“Today we are meeting on the eve of Independence Day. I must also say that last year, on Independence Day, I was in Aghdam, met with the residents of Aghdam and approved the master plan of Aghdam. This year I also planned to be here on Independence Day. But as you know, the President of brotherly Turkiye will come to Azerbaijan tomorrow and we will celebrate Independence Day together. This is why I came the day before, but still on the eve of Independence Day. Because it has a great symbolic meaning. This is independence, this is freedom. Our people have been living as a free people for 30 years, and all the results achieved, including our glorious victory, are based on this, this is the basis of independence. Therefore, independence is our greatest asset, our wealth, and we are protecting and will protect it forever. Today, the process we call the Great Return has begun. The first small step of the Great Return is being taken today,” the head of state said.