“The forces under foreign influence are purposely trying to disrupt the Georgian-Azerbaijani relations,” Chairman of the Georgian Muslims Office Haji Ramin Igidov told local bureau of Report commenting on the latest incident in the Keshikchidagh monastery complex.

He said the incident occurred on the border was very unpleasant. “There were historically good relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia. The two countries are strategic allies. Azerbaijan protects interests of Georgia in many issues. Azerbaijan took many important steps to strengthen the Georgian economy and improve people’s welfare. “

According to the GMO chairman, during the incident on the border, some feeling of hate was observed in the actions of Georgian citizens: “It was perhaps the awakening of religious feelings. Or it was provoked, so it was not natural. Azerbaijani border guards were very cautious during the incident, and we welcome it.”

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According to him, the Georgian Azerbaijanis are also worried about this situation. “The Georgian public should be cold-blooded on this issue. The Georgian state should conduct awareness work among the population and remind that Azerbaijan is not an alien country. Azerbaijan attaches great importance to Georgia and has never grudged its support and assistance to the neighboring country. The people of Georgia should also know it.”

Igidov noted that during the meeting held in Georgian Patriarchate on Keshikchidagh GMO expressed its concern about the views of some Georgian religionists “Patriarchal representatives stated that views of some Georgian religionists on Keshikchidagh do not reflect the position of Georgian patriarchy. Patriarchy expressed concern on some views voiced by those religious people.”