“Germany has always supported the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” said President of the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany Bärbel Bas as she met with Speaker of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova.

Bundestag President Bärbel Bas emphasized the importance of maintaining regional peace and continuing negotiations on a peace agreement.

The President of the Bundestag commented on the development of relations between the two countries and the parliaments. Bärbel Bas expressed her confidence that the official visit of the Speaker of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis to Germany would contribute to the expansion of the bilateral ties.

President of German Bundestag Bärbel Bas noted that last year marked the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries. She hailed the successful development of bilateral relations in various areas, saying that there are good opportunities for expanding the relations.

The President of the Bundestag provided insight into the challenges Germany’s energy supply is facing currently and, in this regard, spoke about the country’s focus on renewable energy, the companies operating in this sector and the members of the Bundestag involved in this field. She also shared her thoughts on establishing links with relevant structures in Azerbaijan in the field of renewable energy.

Noting that the two countries enjoy friendly partnership relations, Speaker of Milli Majlis Sahiba Gafarova said that Azerbaijan is interested in strengthening the mutually beneficial cooperation with Germany.

Speaker Sahiba Gafarova highlighted Azerbaijan’s favorable business environment, the current situation in the region, the consequences of the 30-year-long Armenian occupation of the country’s territories, as well as the ongoing large-scale restoration and reconstruction works in the liberated territories.

“Germany is one of the major trade partners of Azerbaijan,” the Speaker mentioned.

“There are no obstacles to the signing of a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Azerbaijan is ready to resume the negotiations on the singing of a peace treaty,” Gafarova underscored.

During the meeting, the sides also exchanged views on other issues of mutual interest.