Berlin sends 50 soldiers over Serb protests and Russian criticism of “creeping NATOization” The German military contingent officially welcomed to Camp Butmir with a flag raising ceremony at EUFOR HQ, August 16, 2022 © EUFOR Operation Althea

Germany has ordered some 50 soldiers to join the EU-led peacekeeping mission in the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, after pulling out almost a decade ago. The Bosnian Serbs objected and the Russian embassy warned of NATO power games as the first group of Bundeswehr soldiers deployed outside Sarajevo on Tuesday.

According to EUFOR, the Germans will “provide additional capacity” at both the headquarters of Operation Althea and at a network of outposts that provide a link to local governments and communities.

“This deployment is a further demonstration of the EU’s commitment to a stable, prosperous and European future for all the citizens” of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the mission said. (RT)