No matter how accurately Notre-Dame de Paris has been restored, it can never be compared with the original, its centuries-old aura, and its interior, except for a few relics, have already been lost, European bureau of Report was told by the former director of the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin and an honorary professor at the Freie Universität Berlin Claus-Peter Haase.

“It is assumed that a fire in such a symbolic building would not have occurred if it had modern technologies and safety standards. The reasons are still being investigated, and nothing has yet been proven. Thanks to the plan, many valuable items could be saved. Business people have already made donations to restore the cathedral. But no matter how accurate the restored Notre Dame is, it can never be compared to the original, with centuries-old aura and interior, except for a few relics, has already been lost in the fire,” he said.

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The expert emphasized that neither a photo nor a clear copy can wake up the emotional impact of a historic building.

“This miracle of architecture has never been damaged on such a scale,” he concluded.