The document adopted by the German Bundestag in support of lasting peace in Karabakh says that the Bundestag welcomes the cessation of military operations from November 10, 2020, after the escalation of the conflict.

The document was prepared at the initiative of CDU / CSU (Christian Democrat / Christian Socialist Union) and SPD (Social Democrats) factions, Report says.

While regretting the loss of life on both sides, the Bundestag notes that the ceasefire allowed the necessary humanitarian aid to reach the region and return the parties to the negotiating table. Germany is reported to have supported the International Committee of the Red Cross with € 2 million to provide essential humanitarian assistance. Moreover, Germany, together with its partners in the European Union, the OSCE, and the UN, should be ready to take on even more significant commitments on sustainable peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The stability of the European neighborhood in terms of cooperation in political, economic, and other spheres is also of interest to Germany. In this regard, Germany should make its contribution to strengthening security and peace in the South Caucasus. The document states that returning home, rebuilding destroyed houses, and the possibility of peaceful coexistence is a great success for people.