“While in Ganja, we were attacked by a rocket. The siren sounded as we got out of the car and filmed in the market that was hit by a missile. Everything was happening right next to us. We immediately got in the car and left the area,” David Tsagareli, a correspondent of Georgia’s Rustavi 2 TV, who visited Azerbaijan during the Second Karabakh War, told Report.

According to Tsagareli, the crew had the opportunity to film the houses and people injured in the attacks the next day:

“I felt sorry for all of them. Any conflict is a tragedy. The war was taking place in our immediate neighborhood, and our channel was trying to cover what was happening objectively.”

Stressing that he was in contact with the residents of Ganja, whose houses were destroyed, Tsagareli said he was impressed greatly by their fighting spirit:

“Ganja residents, whose houses and cars were damaged, were not going to leave the area. Men and women said they were ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers and continue the war until victory. The strong fighting spirit of the people of Ganja made a great impression on me.”