“Armenia has no other chance than to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. With this signature, official Yerevan, in cooperation with Baku and Ankara, will save its country,” Georgian political expert Giorgi Gogua told Report, commenting on the closure of the Upper Lars checkpoint in Georgia’s north, the only road connecting Armenia with Russia.

“For Armenia, this step is not forced cooperation with Azerbaijan and Turkey, but rather a chance to cross out the past and turn over a new leaf. Considering the current geopolitical situation, official Yerevan has no choice but to agree with Azerbaijan’s fair proposal to use the transport corridor,” – the expert emphasized.

According to him, Azerbaijan, being the winner in the Second Karabakh War, compromises with official Yerevan and shows great concern for the Armenian residents of Karabakh: “Therefore, the Armenian authorities can easily restore relations with Azerbaijan and benefit their people. To do this, they need to show sufficient political will.”