In Georgia, the parliamentary majority initiated amendments that provide for the abolition of the Central Election Commission (CEC) advisory group, which should be created for the election period and which should include a representative of the Office of the Public Defender, as well as international and local experts selected by monitoring organizations, Report informs via Georgian media.

The expediency of abolishing the advisory group is because it does not actually function, according to the explanatory note to the bill.

According to current legislation, it must be created within 10 days after the elections are called.

This group is authorized to provide recommendations to the CEC on the dispute resolution process. In addition, in the event of a corresponding resolution of the Central Election Commission, this group may receive additional functions, in particular, monitoring the recount of voting results.

Also, according to the amendments to the Electoral Code, it is envisaged to create an anti-deadlock mechanism in the event that at a meeting of the Central Election Commission it is not possible to make a decision requiring a vote of at least 2/3 of the full composition of the commission.

In particular, a repeat vote will take place at the same meeting, and in this case, the support of half the full composition of the CEC will be sufficient to make a decision.